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Carbon Nanotubes have incredible properties that will impact every aspect of our lives. From solving the water problem to urban transportation and battery life; everything will be redefined by this amazing material. 


At NoPo, we are pushing the world into the next Space age by developing products uniquely enabled by our expertise in producing the world’s best small diameter Carbon Nanotubes. Some of our upcoming Nanotube products include desalination and autonomous noiseless/fan-less propulsion for flying cars.

NoPo is committed to developing Carbon Nanotube technologies for use in Space Exploration. 


Carbon Nanotubes are an incredible product of Nanotechnology.

1,00,000x smaller than a hair strand!

1000x more conductive than copper!

100x stronger than steel!

10x lighter than Titanium!

is equal to

1x Single Walled Carbon Nanotube

But they are expensive, hard to produce and difficult to work with due to inertness. So we developed the NOPO HiPCO process to produce large quantities of highly reactive Nanotubes with an average diameter of just 7 atoms. These are cheaper, have a high purity and are easy to work with. This tech is so advanced that NoPo is the only company on Earth producing this stuff commercially!

HiPCO – High Pressure Carbon Monoxide

Dr.Robert Kelley Bradley co-invented HiPCO at Rice University. The NoPo HiPCO process was designed from ground up with scalability, simplicity and energy efficiency in mind. The NoPo HiPCO reactor consumes 1/10th of energy to produce the same amount of Nanotubes.

The process scales linearly and we’re doubling production every month
Our focus now is on creating affordable sorted semiconducting & metallic nanotubes to achieve our vision.

All of NoPo’s technology was developed in Bangalore, INDIA

Ensuring Purity & Reliability

It is important to know the quality of the material being produced. Soon after taking material from filters, it is analyzed using a Raman Spectrometer followed by Thermogravimetric Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy & Transmission electron microscopy.

These tests give an indication of the quality of the material and final confirmation
We use a 532nm Raman Spectrometer.

The Thermogravimetric Analysis is performed as per ISO Standard ISO/TS 11308:2011.

Electron Microscopy analysis is performed on our Zeiss EM109 Microscope.

NoPo Nanotechnologies, Bangalore, INDIA

Incredible tech we developed to realize the NoPo HiPCO Process

The NoPo HiPCO reactor is a complex piece of engineering that needs to work at temperatures approaching 1000C, pressure close to 100atmosphere while operating continuously in a corrosive environment. This entailed development of several new technologies, material handling procedures. 

Find out more about the other technologies we’ve developed at NoPo Instrumentation Division

All of NoPo’s technology was developed in Bangalore, INDIA


Dr.Robert Kelley Bradley

Co-founder/VP R&D

Srushti Automations

Design/Machine Shop

is a Special Purpose Machine design and manufacturing company. It is headed by the dynamic duo of Ravi and Mohan who have over 35 years of experience developing complex machines.

They were instrumental in developing NoPo HiPCO technology into an industrially viable technology. Their dogged persistence helped find ways around dead ends. Srushti Automations is our go to company for any technical hiccup.

Dr.Donald Stedman


Dr.Stedman is a professor at the University of Denver, Colorado. He is the inventor of Chemiluminescence Carbonyl Detection and an expert in Carbonyl chemistry. He has over 40 years of experience working with Metal Carbonyls. Dr.Stedman, provided valuable insights to develop our line of Carbonyl Detectors which can detect the highly hazardous chemical in seconds. He likes travelling a lot and can be found all over the planet.




Carbon Nanotubes

NoPo Nanotubes are made using a modified HiPCO process. They disperse easily and are great to work with especially when you are developing applications. Almost every property of the material is well known.

Nanotube Applications

We’ve developed multiple processes and created technology reports for purifying, separating, dispersing and generally working with Carbon Nanotubes. This expertise is available for you to tap into and accelerate your work.

Heater Consultancy

We’ve designed and built heaters with power levels from 10W to 6000W and with temperatures ranging from 25-1400Celsius, under pressure of up to 100 Bar. We developed feed-throughs, sealing technologies, and worked with several super alloys.

Electronics Design

The extreme design challenge of the NoPo HiPCO reactor required us to design our own electronic controllers, algorithms and software. We designed the Thermal Overload Relay test for ABB at 1/10th cost of their previous machine. Extreme electronics at affordable prices.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is a major contaminant in the NoPo HiPCO process. It has to be removed rapidly and kept under check. We’ve investigated Soda lime, membrane filters, Amine solutions, Sodium hydroxide, Ascarite, Molecular Sieves of several sizes. We developed custom tools using FTIR, NDIR to monitor Carbon Dioxide rapidly. Reach out to us if you want help building a bench top Carbon dioxide removal system for your experiements.

Cryogenics Consultancy

As part of our experiments in Cryogenic Carbon Dioxide removal. We worked extensively with dry ice and liquid Nitrogen building our own insulating chambers, cryogenic equipment and sensors to keep boil off to a minimum. If you are looking to build bench-top cryogenic equipment; we have you covered from supply to results.






Single Walled Carbon Nanotube 



US$149 | ₹12,000/-

The world’s best Carbon Nanotubes fresh from the world’s most advanced HiPCO reactor

Over 12,700 Publications

Excellent support for developing your amazing products


Diameter: 0.6-1.1nm

Length: 400-700nm

Morphology: Dry fibrous powder

Catalyst Content: <10% as Fe

Carbon Purity: >90%

Carbon as SWCNT: >85% (Thermogravimetric Analysis)

Crystallinity: High (Raman Analysis)

Raman G/D ratio: Average: ~35 | Highest: 95 @532nm excitation

Bulk Discounts: As low as US$99/gram (₹9,000/-)  on orders of 10 grams and above.

Purified HiPCO SWCNT

US$249 | ₹21,000/-

NoPo HiPCO SWCNT purified using Acid-Base treatment

This removes most of the trace amorphous carbon and Catalyst particles

Catalyst Content: <0.5% as Fe

Carbon Content: >99.5%

Carbon as SWCNT: >96%

Raman GD Ratio : ~20

Bulk Discounts: As low as $199/gram (₹18,000/-) for orders of 10grams and above


Coming Soon

Purified and sorted into Metallic and Semiconducting Nanotubes

Uses the Coronene process for sorting the nanotubes

 Pricing: Coming Soon

Bulk Discounts: Coming Soon for orders of 10 grams and above.

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