NoPo Nanotechnologies was founded with a vision of making humanity a space faring species.

Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes were identified as a material essential to realize the vision due to their high strength, radiation resistance and low weight.

The world’s most widely studied Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes were produced by Nobel Laureate Dr.Richard Smalley using the HiPCO­ Process. Dr.Kelley wrote his PhD thesis on HiPCO under his guidance. The technique produced Carbon Nanotubes continuously but had been extremely difficult to scale consistently. After Dr.Smalley’s demise in 2005; there was little progress in Technology.

At NoPo, we decided to take an enormous risk to solve this technology problem and make HiPCO® Carbon Nanotubes available to all. The single-minded pursuit took 6.5 years to bear results. We operated as a science project. Continuously re-invested into technology and are proud to have the only operational HiPCO® reactors on Earth. This has led to creation of a facility dedicated to Carbon Nanotubes production, characterization and product development.

History of HiPCO

The successful development led to a focus on applications and scale-up.  In  2017,  we  won  the Lockheed Martin – DST – TATA Trusts India Innovates Growth Programme  2.0 , a program designed to help promising technology startups with market development. This  gave  access  to MIT Martin Trust Center.  We  systematically  followed  Dr.Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship technique to  evaluate various verticals  with  prototypes and customer interviews. This led to development of Membranes, Super Black Coatings for use in Space, Super-silk, Composite reinforcements and CENCE™ sensing composite.

We have remained consistent with our goals, made continuous improvements in technology and are dedicated to realizing the incredible future promised by HiPCO­® Carbon Nanotubes.

A brief history of NoPo

NoPo is now producing Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes consistently and doubling production roughly every Quarter. After 26 years of discovery, we are finally on the cusp of seeing Nanotube based products in daily life.

  • 2019: IDEX Defense India Startup Challenge-1 (Indian Navy) Winner
  • 2019: PwC-FICCI LevelNXT Winner
  • 2019: AGNii Awardee
  • 2019: Sustainability in Space, CLIX Finalist, Abu Dhabi
  • 2018: Creative Destruction Lab – Space Stream, University of Toronto – 1st Indian Startup in any Stream
  • 2018: Showcase of Nanotubes to President of India
  • 2017: Karnataka State Elevate 100 Winner
  • 2017: Lockheed Martin – DST – Tata Trusts IIGP 2.0 Winner: India’s Top 5 Innovative Tech Startup
  • 2017: Collaboration with NEEL Institute, Grenoble for Carbon Nanotube-Silk tethers
  • 2016: EO CARES Top 3 Technology Startup of Bangalore
  • 2016: Singularity University Global Solutions Program at NASA AMES Research Park, Mountain View
  • 2015: Winner of 4th International Space Power Competition for paper on using Carbon Nanotubes in Space Power